Dispo-Dent B.V. 

Tel: +31 321 318140/GSM:+31 6 51418777                                                                                               E-mail: info@dispo-dent.nl

History of Dispo-Dent B.V.

In 1987 we started with the import of powdered latex examination gloves to protect both our dentists as well as patients. We were one of the few suppliers delivering to companies like Johnson & Johnson, Baxter and Safety Skin. In the course of the years we managed to deliver gloves to our end-use customers as well as our colleagues.

In 1992 we started the first import of PP polypropylene products for our customers, such as face masks and overalls that can be used in hygiene and personal protection.

In 1994, we introduced PP Snood Cap, Mobcap, PE Polyethylene and shoecovers to the food industry. We have also supplied the PP research jackets to different hospitals. In the following years we have worked with various importers and we have offered the CMD service to customers throughout Europe. During the mad cow disease, swine fever, SARS and swine flu, we could help many of our customers with urgent deliveries and sufficient supply to get through the difficult circumstances.